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Stuff Your Kindle/eReader Day is here! There are over 2000 free books up for grabs!

Bite Me Again is part of the free promotion. Most of the other books in the Nightwood Clan series (other than A Hairy Situation since I just did a sale price earlier in the month for it's anniversary) are marked down for $0.99 on Amazon US and UK!!

Howdy everyone! I hope December is treating you well so far.


Hoarded Secrets is with my proofreader! Book 6 of the Nightwood Clan features Marge and Duncan (seen in book 1). I am hoping to have ARC signups in January with a release in February. I'll post ARC signups on my social media pages when their available and in the newsletter.

I took part of the November writing challenge and wrote a standalone book. I am super happy with it and had a lot of fun writing it. I am aiming for an April release.

Look out on December 27th for a new book promotion! Details will be shared then, so keep an eye out! It's a good one!

Linked In History is out, book 5 of the Nightwood Clan. I had fun incorporating different spots I've seen on our family travels. Thank you to everyone who has read/bought a copy, and/or left a review. Reviews are amazing: they help other readers decide to read a book, if an author gets over 50 reviews on a book Amazon will help promote it in newsletters and such, it encourages an author to keep writing! ;)

If you need some cookie or holiday meal idea, The Nightwood Clan's Favorite Recipes is out wide. You can find the ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books. It's $3.99.

The recipe book/cookbook is now live! There are recipes for appetizers, main dishes, and dessert. There is something in there for each member of the Nightwood Clan.

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