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A Hairy Situation (Nightwood Clan Series Book 2) Signed Copy

A Hairy Situation (Nightwood Clan Series Book 2) Signed Copy



Tess was born a witch into a large family of witches. As the youngest of eight, she often felt disconnected from her siblings with the large age gap between them. During a visit to out-of-town family, she met the person who would become her ride-or-die best friend. Shaye was a human with no knowledge of the paranormal world, forcing Tess to keep her heritage a secret.

Her magic has always helped guide her with nudges and the occasional premonition. When she discovers her friend has moved in with a vampire and that danger is approaching, Tess packs up and goes to Tennessee to check in. After years of having to keep her witchy secret, she is finally able to tell her friend everything about her life. She can only hope that Shaye will forgive her for not telling her sooner.

In Rockfort, she discovers a place that feels like home. As she tries to find her place in town, she meets her own mate, Sam. Their courtship is fast, as is often the case with fated mates. Sam and Tess begin planning what their future may hold, but when Sam is attacked, it will take the whole family to try to save him.

A Hairy Situation is the second book in the Nightwood Clan series. There is some overlap between books. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, you will get the most out of the book after reading the first in the series, Bite Me Again, as many of the characters make an appearance.


    Autographed Copy sticker available upon request (optional).

  • Book Specs

    • Size: 5 x 8
    • Glossy cover
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