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Linked In History (Nightwood Clan Series Book 5) Signed Copy

Linked In History (Nightwood Clan Series Book 5) Signed Copy

Merri loves her job as a librarian in her hometown but, lately, her magic has been restless, pushing her to leave. Uncertain what is causing it, she takes a leap of faith and visits her sister in Rockfort. When she’s given a mating dream about a man with brunet hair with a white streak, she recognizes what was pulling her to the town.


Gawain, a peregrine falcon shifter, is an archeologist specializing in paranormal history. He finds joy in discovering lost things and helping preserve the past. A friend’s call for help leads him to Rockfort, where he discovers information about shifters believed extinct. 


As Merri and Gawain set off on an adventure to find the long-lost shifter settlement, will they unearth a world-changing discovery? Or will digging for the truth put their lives at risk?

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