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Pointed Love (Nightwood Clan Series Book 3) Signed Copy

Pointed Love (Nightwood Clan Series Book 3) Signed Copy



Emma is a vampire.


She didn’t start that way; she had been born human. Growing up in 1800’s England, she worked on her parent’s farm until she was attacked one day by a traveler. That day forever changed her family’s lives and sent her life on a completely new course. Left with an amazing son, but a healthy dose of anxiety, Emma learns to navigate her new life.

Many years later, her son is an adult and is returning home after being away for a couple of years. Finding her close to death, Rolf transforms Emma into a vampire to save her life. Although being a paranormal doesn’t cure her anxiety, it does gift her with visions of the future.

When her only child is put in danger from the very man who attacked her all those years ago, she travels across the ocean to help defeat the monster. Arriving in America, she moves into her son’s home. There is safety in numbers, making it smart for them to stay together. Rolf opens his house to his friends, as it is large enough that everyone has their own room. They all find something while living together…a family. A visitor to the house reveals that Fate has decided to gift her a mate of her own, but will her past allow her to claim him?

Doc has secrets that he has been keeping for hundreds of years. To embrace his new mate and form trust between them, he must find a way to share those secrets with her. After being alone for so long, Doc is ready to do anything to win his mate’s affection.

Pointed Love is the third book in the Nightwood Clan series. There is some overlap between books. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, you will get the most out of the book after reading the first two books in the series, as many of the characters make an appearance.

Please see the Warning section at the beginning of the book for trigger warnings.


    Autographed Copy sticker available upon request (optional).

  • Book Specs

    • Size: 5 x 8
    • Glossy cover
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