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Bite Me Again, book one of the Nightwood Clan series, has a gorgeous cover! Jay did a great job working with a newbie (me!) and helping me create my first cover.

Lori and Leslie were great to work with for proofreading and formatting. I can't believe the book is coming together so well; I am so excited.

I am getting some stickers and bookmarks printed for giveaways, so stay tuned!

Book two is finished and I ended up adding about 2,000 more words for a new scene as I was editing. I'm working on another round of edits today, so hopefully I can get it sent to be proofread soon.

If you haven't yet, please join my reader's group on Facebook! I will release the entire cover image there first! You find me here: Harper’s Readers Group!

The kids have kept us busy with driver's ed, soccer, and school. I have to have a filling replaced this week, as the old filling partially broke. Joy. I will keep working on the books though, and will keep you all updated!

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