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Demon's Mate Come Out Tuesday 4/30!

Think you know demons? Think again.

Viv had her job, her best friend, and a great apartment. So what if dating had been awful lately? When her best friend finds his forever person, it turns out that those paranormal romance books she liked to read had some truth to them. Unfortunately, she also learns that having a mate doesn’t mean happily ever after.

Mac wasn’t looking for a mate, especially a human one. He’s avoided humans as much as possible for hundreds of years after his first mate tried to kill him. To say he has trust issues would be an understatement. He’s happy his friend found his mate and they seemed to be doing well, but no one could make him accept the one suddenly thrust into his orbit. Who knew fate would give him another mate after all these years?

Will they be able to overcome Mac’s fears, or will an enemy lurking in the shadows take the choice from them?

You can grab your copy here: (Amazon/Kindle Unlimited).

I have signed copies on my TikTok Shop as well.

❤️ Paranormal Romance

💜Fated Mates


🔥Steamy Scenes

💛Found Family


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