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Status Update

It's been a crazy time around the household. The fridge is acting up again, but I'm hoping it holds out a little longer. (The fridge is now too cold instead of not being able to stay cold. Go figure.)

The kids have testing this week at school. Last weekend the oldest had an out of town competition.

In terms of book news, there's some exciting things going on!

Hoarded Secrets is now live on Amazon and the reviews are amazing! THANK YOU to everyone who has left a review. It really means so much to me.

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Book 7 in the Nightwood Clan series is coming along. It is still on track for a 2024 publication, but I don't know when yet. It's around 55k words, so I have a little bit to go yet. It's taking a little longer than normal to write with the other book releases and life in general, but it will get there! This will be the last book for the overall story arc. I'm hoping to have a some holiday books or something similar down the road.

Demon's Mate is my standalone book. It's not part of the Nightwood Clan series, but is a paranormal romance. It is a little more angsty than the NWC, but does have a HEA. Preorders are now up on Amazon. ARC sign ups will be going out soon as well, so look for the March newsletter for that link.

I have book themed stickers up in my TikTok shop! Click here to get to my profile, then click the shopping basket to go to my shop.

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