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February News

I've been a little distracted by life, but I'm working on Forged In Love (book 4). I had a couple of really good days when it came to writing. One day I even got 8,200 words written! That is by far the highest I've gone in one day. I normally shoot for 2,000. I was so excited. Of course the next day I only managed 1,000 between working on taxes, looking for a new remote job, and dealing with some kid issues. The youngest hurt his foot, so it could be a hairline that isn't showing up on the x-ray, but we're keeping an eye on it. Anyway! Right now Forged In Love is sitting at a little over 40,000 words. I have a bit more to go. I'm aiming for around 60,000 words which is about the size of A Hairy Situtation and Pointed Love.

I got the bookmarks in for Pointed Love's release! I love the cover design. I can't wait to see what Jay comes up with for book 4! Pointed Love is still up as an ARC on BookSirens, if you are interested. It will release as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon (and Kindle Unlimited) on 3/1!

Bite Me Again will be offered for free in March, so look for the March Newsletter for details!

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