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It's Release Day!!

I am so excited for the release of Forged In Love! I hope you guys enjoy Ian and Berkley's story.

Find here: Amazon US, Universal Amazon Link. I have also uploaded all paperbacks to IngramSpark, which is a wider distributor than Amazon. You can now find paperbacks of my books at Barnes and Noble and a few other retailers who use IngramSpark!

Forged In Love is part of a BookFunnel event running 5/28-7/3, so if you are looking for more LGBTQ+ romance books with a HEA to read, go find new books to enjoy!

If you're looking for even more steamy paranormal romance books, especially ones available in Kindle Unlimited, check out this BookFunnel event! (A couple of my books are listed here as well.)

If you head to my Facebook page, you'll find a list of groups I am dropping into today for promotions. Each one will have a giveaway of Forged In Love! (Note: I believe each group requires you to join.)

Newsletter giveaway on 6/13! A winner will be drawn from my newsletter subscribers and they will get to pick an ebook from the Nightwood Clan series (books 1-4).

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