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March Update

Pointed Love is now live on Amazon! I'm so excited for Emma and Doc's story. You guys can finally find out what kind of shifter Doc is!

Forged In Love, book 4 of the series, is going well. I'm on my second round of edits. I'm trying to get it ready to go to my proofreader by the end of the month. I saw a draft of the cover, and it looks amazing!

In case you don't get the newsletter, Bite Me Again, is off of Kindle Unlimited for March. I wanted to be able to celebrate having 3 books out and put it up on BookFunnel for FREE! I plan on putting back on KU in April. Click here to get your free copy of Bite Me Again, as well as other free books!

BookFunnel also has a Werewolf Romance Book promotion going on. All books are part of Kindle Unlimited, so be sure to check them out if you are part of KU! Load up those readers! A Hairy Situation is also listed in there. ;)

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