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November Update

A Hairy Situation is available for preorder on Amazon! It will also be part of the Kindle Unlimited program. I also have it up on BookSirens for ARCs, if you are interested in reading and leaving a review!

I finished writing Pointed Love, book 3 in the Nightwood Clan series. It is currently with my amazing proofreader. I enjoyed seeing how Emma and Doc were together; I think they make a cute couple. We learn a little more about Doc's backstory in their book. Emma has some things to overcome, so their story doesn't jump into the sexy scenes quite as fast. But never fear, there are steamy parts!

Right now I am working on an outline for book 4, which will be titled Forged In Love. This will be Ian and Berkley's story. I have a feeling Ian will keep Berkley on his toes.

All the books will be interconnected standalones. Characters from previous books will make an appearance and there will be some timeline overlap, but my goal is that you can read the books individually.

The store is up with Bite Me Again signed paperbacks and bookplates. I have A Hairy Situation paperbacks in stock and they will go live when the book is released on 12/1/22! All books ordered through my website will be signed and come with a Nightwood Clan crest sticker and bookmarks from the books in the series. The bookmarks are double-sided! Jay, my cover artist does such an amazing job and I loved each and every thing she has designed so far.

The store also has bookplates for sale. It may be a cheaper option if you need international shipping to buy the paperback through Amazon and then the bookplate through my website.

I have a Christmas Card exchange posting on my Facebook Reader's Group on 11/30/22.

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