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Which books are out, WIP updates, Coming Soon

Howdy everyone! I hope December is treating you well so far.


Hoarded Secrets is with my proofreader! Book 6 of the Nightwood Clan features Marge and Duncan (seen in book 1). I am hoping to have ARC signups in January with a release in February. I'll post ARC signups on my social media pages when their available and in the newsletter.

I took part of the November writing challenge and wrote a standalone book. I am super happy with it and had a lot of fun writing it. I am aiming for an April release.

Look out on December 27th for a new book promotion! Details will be shared then, so keep an eye out! It's a good one!

Linked In History is out, book 5 of the Nightwood Clan. I had fun incorporating different spots I've seen on our family travels. Thank you to everyone who has read/bought a copy, and/or left a review. Reviews are amazing: they help other readers decide to read a book, if an author gets over 50 reviews on a book Amazon will help promote it in newsletters and such, it encourages an author to keep writing! ;)

If you need some cookie or holiday meal idea, The Nightwood Clan's Favorite Recipes is out wide. You can find the ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books. It's $3.99.

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